Melcher Family Farms

In the fall of 1957, Ken and June Melcher and family moved from Norfolk, Nebraska to Oregon and purchased a 100-acre farm near Saint Paul. Part of the farm consisted of a mature 40-acre filbert (hazelnut) orchard. It was one of the largest filbert orchards in the Willamette Valley at that time.

From 1957 to 1970, Ken and June farmed the 40 acres of filberts and several varieties of berries, along with raising livestock. In the early 70’s, Ken phased out the berry and livestock farming, to expand the filbert farming business. He constructed his own cleaning and drying facility to process the filberts.

The second generation continues to farm hazelnuts and in 2000 expanded to include a hazelnut roasting business, naming this addition Ken & June’s Hazelnuts in honor of it’s first farmers.